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Windsor woman orgasm A new qualitative study revealed that some women fake their sexual pleasure to speed up the orgasm of their male partners to finish sex orgask. The study, presented at the British Psychological Society Windsor woman orgasm Psychology of Women annual conference in Windsor, showed that some women tends to fake their own orgasms to quickly end an unwanted and not pleasurable sexual experience.

Windsor woman orgasm these accounts, we were struck by the degree orgasmm which women were connecting the practice of faking orgasm to accounts of unwanted sex," explained Emily Thomas, from Ryerson University, Canada and one of Windsor woman orgasm authors of the study, in a press release.

For the study, the researchers recruited 15 sexually active women aging from 19 to 28 to talk about consensual sex and their experiences sexual pleasure.

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The researchers analyzed their interviews with the participants to understand how each participant negotiate and account for experiences of problem Windsor woman orgasm in the context of exaggerating sexual pleasure and faking orgasm. The analysis revealed that orhasm participants described their unwanted sexual experience in indirect ways, without using the words rape and coercion despite their description of their experience could be categorized as such.

Instead, these women described unwanted and non-pleasurable sex as "bad. The researchers discovered that the participants recognize fake orgasms as a way to end troublesome sexual encounters, making fake orgasms as a viable solution to quickly end unwanted Windsor woman orgasm, eoman when there are no other viable options.

On one level faking an orgasm may be a useful strategy as it affords some control over ending a sexual encounter," researchers said in a statement. Trending Topics.

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Windsor woman orgasm John Raphael. A new study show orfasm women tend to fake their orgasms as a way to quickly end an unwanted and non-pleasurable sex.

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