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Users can't identify any mutual friends between two users who both have their friends list set to private e. They could, potentially, use the strategy above to piece together a larger portion of Zuckerberg's friends list.

By using the mutual friends as a foundation, a user could compare Zuckerberg's friends list to any of these that My very private friend their list publicly.

It may not return every Facebook friend Zuckerberg has, but it's highly ptivate your knowledge of his friends list would grow dramatically using this system.

CyberInt even wrote a program intended to automate this process; they shared the code to Github last veyr. A Facebook spokesperson sent Mashable the following statement regarding the friends list privacy setting: It's true that Facebook warns users about the transparency of their friends list, but it's also true that language used in the privacy settings is My very private friend misleading.

Facebook wants to facilitate connections between its users, not hide them, which is why it makes mutual friends accessible. The more you are connecting on the service, the more useful it becomes and the more time you'll ultimately spend My very private friend the site.

That mission, My very private friend, means that some elements of your Facebook life, including your pfivate list, will never be fully private. How can I use lists to organize my friends on Facebook? Help Community.

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Ask a Question How do I make my facebook private so only friends and friends of My very private friend can I am currently searching for a job at the moment and there's not exactly anything friens on my wall, but I would still like to have the privacy and don't wish to be disregarded because of the fact I cosplay or about any other personal hobbies of mine they might find odd, and there doesn't griend to be the convenient button there was before.

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Tip You can configure who can see your friends list from the Friends section of your profile. References 2 Facebook: About the Author Steven Melendez is an independent journalist with a background in technology veryy business. Melendez, Steven.

Small Business - Chron. Retrieved from http: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might privxte to add the italics to the site name.