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Well, Page 12 of the Rolla Twp. List his wife I believe very hard to read Phelps Co. This Census date was June 29, This was Image page Ancestry. I Wives seeking sex TN Cumberland city 37050 been wondering what Charles date of death was too, so this morning Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 got out my encyclopedia and found out that June 5 was on Thursday.

The Saturday before was May 31 He would have been born Abt Should be on Census somewhere. The Census says that William's dad and mom where born in Indiana. If not Indiana, it may have been Ohio. The Birge's weren't in Missouri in Betty Sweet Anise per the Encyclopedia, is of the Carrot family as is the parsnip.

The anise is aromatic and has medicinal qualities. The seed like fruits aniseed are used as flavoring and provide anise oil for a variety of uses. Sharlee Per the Census from Phelps Co. Cause of Death: Ate Mlssouri poisonous plant Census 1: Land Patent Report: Document MO Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 Cemetery Phelps Co.

Listed Dyo, M. Also on this list were some Summit MS adult personals the names Barbara Crouch said were on the guardian ship papers. Feb 9Betty Allen great granddaughter of Michael Dyo. rwal

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She also found in court records, that Michael Dyo, Thos. Rhinehart Housewkves G. Lacross or Sacross, were charged with murder by the State of Missouri. According to the Deloge County Circuit Court records of August 9 ; a true bill of indictment having been ignored in the above entitled cause. It is ordered by the Court that the Deslogd and their recognizers be discharged and go hence without day and that they recover their costs, and having further business to attend to they retire to consider of their presentments.

Feb 9Betty Allen, I got it from an affidavit given by my great grandfather as to a lookinb sale. It says: Affidavit to Perfect title relating Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 Book N pg.

Birge, the widow of Langford Birge who died in or about We made a warranty deed in to John S. R38 Rg. And further affidavit says note. Witnessed on November 12, Also noted that Sarah's name was spelled Burge on the marriage records.

Dyo and Michael Dyo, it said lands subject to sale at Booneville Missouri and containing forty acres, more or less. She goes on to say, "I have a ledger book belonging to my great-grandfather that list sales to William Minks. All the pages with his name are crossed off. One also has Nick Sexy women in Saint Pete Beach. I think it must have been in Phelps Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601.

The dates are and Just himself. Missouri Marriages, Record Name: Phelps State: Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 1: I met some of your relatives while researching my maiden name.

His father was Elmer Francis Housewives wants real sex Minier Washington county Missouri. The two were married in Harrison County Indiana. Lookinf Luck Peggy. March 22, received answer to my e-mail from Peggy Kenyon.

Cliff's father was the first one Misspuri start using the spelling of Minx. Some used Mink and some used Minks. I talked with Thomas Minks oooking Potosi and he told me the same. Thomas uses Minx and his brothers and some cousins use Minks. No one seems to know the original spelling. The census is the only appearance for Peter that I have found. Anna appeared one more time in I couldn't find Mjssouri from the family in in Missouri. The Missouri records are so bad for the counties where I researched.

I don't know how much info they will have on Sarah. I will put her name down on my research list and if I find anything will let you know.

Name was spelled wrong. Sharlee I e mailed Peggy Kenyon. Elmer was the son of William Thomas Minks, born march 30 died William is the oldest son of Frances. It was so named from the mills in the vicinity Russell, shoemaker; M.

It is unknown at this time Sept 15 as to who the Thomas Minks is, it could be Francis and Lucinda Minks oldest son William Thomas who was 16 in June 25I found on the Housewives looking real sex MI Lewiston 49756. It is hard to read, but I have a print of the form. Minks, Francis M. Minks, Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 Service: Looks like Kelly's C 8.

En Mo. Just can't make out what it is saying??? S69 Certificate No. States that he was married and that he was a blacksmith. Informant was St. James Sol. Death Certificate, state of Missouri, states that he died Feb 26, in St. James Phelps Co. Lists his name as Francis Minks. Lists cause of death as Chronic Nephritis, and that he was buried at the Home Cem on in St. James Missouri. Francis M.

Minks Birth: In the late s, the institution became the "Federal Soldiers Home of Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601. There is a cemetery on the site, but it is not operated by the Federal Government. May 3 By: Robert J. Chronic Nephritis Census 1: Minks acres Occupation 1: Blacksmith Occupation 2: George Chapman, born unknown Mother: Susan Emery born unknown Informant: Mount Olive Dec 16 just as it is written "Jury's Verdict: Olive Fink Age: Sheet 5B Jefferson Co.

Her sister is already there and married. So how did the girls get from Greene Co IL. Did their mother remarry? FebruaryWashington Co MO. Genevieve City St. Genevieve Co MO. JOHN M. John Minks Birth: Mar 12 By: Anthonies Mill Cemetery, Washington Co.

No First Name Minks Birth: August Source April 25 Karen Walker Notes for? Roberts D. Roberts ran out on his family. Shows she can read and write. Census 4: Armistead and family were visiting at E.

Minke's Sunday. It also appears that the Census taken on April 21, did not understand how his name was pounced. So, it appears Elijah was alive and living in Meramec Twp Enu Dist 67, let me say a couple of things. First this census is Searching for a sga bby Kailua1 Hawaii hard to read.

It appears that Elijah's daughter Agnes married a man by the name of??? Leslle, Lesile, Lealh Ancestry. Then they don't list Agnes and the children which appear on the census as well.

Here is my best interpretation of the Census. First the family number Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 in question, as they are out of sequence. Minks, male white married to Courtney Minks. Age 73 yrs 2mos 10 days Birthplace: Franklin Co MO. Peter Minks born KY Mother: Aug 22 Place of Burial: Spring Creek Cemetery Aug 24 Informant: Jim Minks of St.

Clair MO. Aka Facts Pg: Elizah shown by Ancestry. ShowS can not read or write.

Census 3: Fact 2: Annie Burton b Dover KY wife: Courtney Minks informant: Jim Housewjves Fact 3: Note, I believe Big girls 30 step it up is Courtney M. Sharlee If this is Courtney, the place of births for parents are completely different from the Census. Minks female white widowed, husband E.

Minks Born: Hendricks Cemetery March 16 Informant: MO; Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 N. Minks, Father: Emeline Tracey born IN. Jim Minks Source: Mink of Phelps Co. Adams of Missluri Co. IGI Rcd: Batch M marriage rcds. Elija N. Mink and Courtney M. Clair Franklin Co MO. FebruaryMO; d. AprilMO. Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 was born April in KY, and died Bef.

Louis MO. Mar 21, Father: Peter Mink, born Indiana Mother: Anna Burton, born Indiana Informant: Sam T. Leath, Stanton MO Burial: Louis City Ward 24 St. Louis City MO: Leath, Emma J. Leath, Emily J. Louis City Ward 24 page 5B St. Duty at Camp Harlan until February, Louis, Mo. At Benton Barracks, Mo. Ordered to Rolla, Mo.

District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept.

Winslow's Cavalry Brigade, 17th Corps, to May, Civil War Soldiers, Name: Alfred H. Leath Side: Iowa Regiment Name: Regiment Name Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 A Rank In: Private Rank In Expanded: Private Rank Out: Private Rank Out Expanded: Private Film Number: M roll 15 U. D Rank In: M roll 15 Veterans Schedules Veteran's Name: WWI Born: Dec 8 Rolla MO Died: July 29 Father: Leath born Indiana Mother: Emily Jane Mink born Indiana Informant: Leath, Samuel J.

JanuaryFranklin Co MO. MarchFranklin Co MO. JulyMO. Louis MO Born: Leath, James H. She was born May in TN. Per marriage records last name is spelled Minx.

Minks also shows can not read or write. Sharlee Per Ancestry. Daniel, Lavenia marriage date Jul 27 Phelps Co. MarchPhelps Co. He was born 16 July in Buffalo, Dallas Co. Please note the dates of the children that the ancestral files from Salt Lake showed to be The fine day s children, Henry other wife, he had total of 3.

If Mary did die when they said, these children which they showed as Mary and I entered same way would be the children of Martha Minks not Mary. Martha Wedemeyer and Mrs. Miles Minks called on Mr. Richard Armistead, on Monday of this week. Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 Wedemeyer called on her niece Mrs.

Richard Armistead on Monday of this week. Martha Wedemeyer, Miles Minks, P.

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Randleman, Mr. Armistead and daughter Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 on Mr. Richard Armistead and family Sunday. Wedemeyer, white female widow; Henry H. Wedemeyer Born: Feb 8 Father: Minks, born unknown Mother: Unknown Informant: Randleman, Stanton MO Burial: Husband not listed.

Spelling of her last name not readable. Living with son Pierce Randleman and His family. Census 6: IG49jmb Source: He's living at home in the Census, age Occupation Farmer. Doesn't say if he is living in Dallas County MO or? Sharlee 2. Lists marriage to Mary Davis, as first wife, no date, and doesn't list any parents for Mary Davis. Does say she was born in Wales July 6, and died December 15,doesn't show where, but it does list that she is buried same as what I show.

River View Mt. Lists marriage to 2nd?? Emma Strickland, the daughter of Clement Strickland. No dates of any kind, no children listed. Lists marriage 3 wife as Martha Wife wants nsa Mohawk. Again, no dates of any kind. Listed Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 the Benton, Dallas Co. Louis, MO. ZOLA A. She was born 07 September in Buffalo, Dallas Co. Minks called on Miles Minks Saturday evening.

Jenney's farm. Nov 29 By: Stauffer Jr. Place of Death: Moore Twp. Male White married Born: May 10 Death: Feb 17, Age at Death: Retired Farmer Place of Birth: MO Father: Minks place born don't know Mother: Francis Burton born don't know Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 Eligeh Minks. Thomasville MO. Source 1: Minks b 10 May d 17 Feb Source 2: This article appeared in the Franklin county Tribune on Friday, February 2 Miles Minks last week.

Mary Minks and children called on Mrs. Cora Armistead Saturday. Minks Burial: Thomasville Oregon Co. Mary Irene Minks, female white Widow Husband: Minks deceased. Date of Birth: Sept 7, Buffalo MO.

Housewife Father: Henry Randleman born unknown Mother: Ink Strickland born unknown Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 Cora Drum Thomasville MO. Aug 18 Thomasville. SeptemberThayer, Oregon Co. Per SS Death Index. Nov 29 Lonely lady want real sex Clifton Park She was born 09 December in Tibble, Franklin Co.

William's father Charles Lankford Birge died when William was 3 years old. His mother Elizabeth Minks Birge French. He remembers vaguely going to see the Minks when he was very small six or so. We now also know that Myles or Miles Minks was Sarah's baby brother.

We now also know Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 the family has thought that the Birge family was Indian. Lloyd said that his dad said he was born in Gasconade County Missouri. Can't prove this yet Update; October 5, Now we know that William was four and one half years old when his father died. See Obit just received which I have posted to Charles's sheet. Also, have received copies of all of the Phelps Co.

Guardian ship paper etc. Oct 4 By: Francois Twp. Francois Co. Birge Burge spelled 2 ways on documents was Michael Dyo, which I have copies of all 4 pages. Fact 4: Medical Information: Had a stroke and was not able to care for himself for a very long time. Occupation 1: She died Nov 26 at Mountain View Missouri.

Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601

My papa, Richard Cooper, loved his only living sister very much. She had been the only mother he could remember.

It was Nancy Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601 fed him when his mother died. Who slept with loo,ing to keep him warm and so that he would not be afraid of the dark.

I remember him missing her so much when they moved to Idaho.

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And how happy we were when they moved back to Missouri. I do not have the date but Uncle Bill had a stroke which left him an invalid for long time. Like the good wife she had always been, she cared for him tenderly and faithfully until he died in January 3 Aunt Nancy lived with mamma and Daphne for some 9 or 10 months of that time.

Mamma had her good Jersey cow, Buttercup, a few chickens, a sow, and 2 dogs. Aunt Mamie Shuler had left her beautiful white poodle "Doo Doo. Cousin Elmer moved them. All of papas people loved our mother and their ONLY Aunt Nancy and were very good and helpful when ever they would let anyone help.

Both widows, were hard workers all of their lives. So they wanted to do everything for themselves as long as they could. I feel sure this added to their lives, Housewives looking real sex Desloge Missouri 63601.

Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Lisle 26, as told to me by Bertha Cooper Bradford I don't know how they met, but I know she told me that grandpa Eli was against her seeing him so she told me they wrote letters or notes to each other and had hid them in a hollow stump or tree.

She was 16 when my grandmother died. In I believe was the year that Nancy Cooper Birge put our families information down Adult want casual sex Spartanburg SouthCarolina 29301 paper. It is from this basis that I have searched. I also have on tape recording. It was also from here that I verified all information on the Birge, Cooper, Armistead families.

Bill Birge, Lloyd's son now has this Bible. Birge Birth: Mother of 11 children and 7 children alive at Census. Birge of Spring Bluff, Franklin Co. Birge has given his assent to the said marriage; 22 August license; married 26 September by P.

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