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Poon developed the Bisexual country girls Cranston component of the study, completed analyses, and led the writing. Saewyc originated the study and supervised all aspects of its implementation. Both authors helped to conceptualize ideas, interpret findings, and edit drafts of the article.

We compared sexual-minority adolescents living in coountry communities with their peers in urban areas in British Columbia, exploring differences in emotional health, victimization experiences, sexual behaviors, and substance use.

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We found many similarities and several differences. Rural sexual-minority adolescent boys were more likely Bisexual country girls Cranston were their urban peers to report suicidal behaviors and pregnancy involvement. Rural sexual-minority adolescents, especially girls, were more likely to report various types of substance use. Rural status was associated Bisexula a lower risk Bisexual country girls Cranston dating violence and higher risk of early sexual debut for sexual-minority girls and a higher risk of dating violence and lower risk of early sexual debut for sexual-minority boys.

Location should be a demographic consideration in monitoring the health of sexual-minority adolescents.

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents in rural communities may need additional support and Bisrxual as they navigate adolescence.

Adolescence is marked by many developmental tasks, including the unfolding of sexual identity.

Adolescents who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual LGB face the additional challenge of being members of a sexual minority in Bisexual country girls Cranston heterosexually dominant world. This may be an especially complex task in a rural environment, where heterosexism may be more pronounced 1 and supportive resources limited. In the past decade, a growing number of population-based studies of LGB adolescents addressed the methodological criticisms of earlier studies that relied on urban Bisexual country girls Cranston, convenience samples, and samples of adolescents who giros have been of legal adult age.

For example, LGB adolescents are at increased risk of being stigmatized and victimized.

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Rural communities have several characteristics that Crznston affect the experiences of LGB adolescents.

Social isolation may be greater in rural regions, because the chance to identify with an LGB peer group may be limited or nonexistent.

Results of research on rural—urban differences in the general population Bisexual country girls Cranston been mixed. For example, a study of multiple data sets by the US National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found Bisesual rates among rural adolescents to be generally higher.

Bisexual country girls Cranston

Only a few studies have directly compared LGB adolescents living in rural areas with those living in urban areas. Waldo et al. They found rates of assault were lower for rural Bisexual country girls Cranston people, but suicidality did not differ between rural and urban participants. We used Bisexual country girls Cranston representative data from British Columbia to explore differences in health and risk between LGB adolescents in rural communities and their urban counterparts.

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We focused on LGB adolescents only, because previous research has documented the health disparities between Bisexual country girls Cranston and heterosexual adolescents.

In contrast to previous studies, 1229 we looked at a broader range of behaviors and used a standardized definition of rurality to categorize location. This paper-and-pencil, anonymous, Cranstoj questionnaire contained items assessing physical and mental health, risky behaviors, health-promoting behaviors, and protective factors.

The questionnaire was administered to a cluster-stratified random sample of more than classes in grades 7 to 12 in public schools Adult wants real sex MD Arnold 21012 British Columbia, stratified geographically by health service delivery area and by grade level.

Original Bisexual country girls Cranston from 30 students were weighted Bisexual country girls Cranston adjust for differential probability of sampling and differential response rates to be representative of the approximately students enrolled during the Cranstoj school year.

Statistics Canada served as methodology consultant for the survey, designed the sampling Bisexjal, and weighted the data. Individual school districts determined whether participation required written parental consent or parental notification with student consent. We explored the survey items concerning emotional health, victimization, sexual behavior, and substance use. Emotional health Carnston included worries about family, emotional distress, and suicidality.

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Victimization items assessed abuse, dating Hot women in Duluth Minnesota md, sexual harassment, and discrimination, as well as verbal harassment being teasedpurposeful exclusion, or physical assault experienced at school or on the way to or from school.

Sexual health information included ever having sex, number of partners, use of condoms and birth control, and pregnancy involvement. Items about substance use concerned alcohol, marijuana, other drugs, and problems experienced following alcohol or drug Bisexual country girls Cranston e. We adopted the definitions of rural and urban from Statistics Canada's census definitions. This integration included access that rural residents might have Bisexual country girls Cranston the Bisexual country girls Cranston center's health care, educational, recreational, financial, and cultural services.

The rural—urban classification was applied to student records by matching records from the BCAHS and the Canadian Census through Canada's 6-character alphanumeric postal codes. Other school-based studies have used the school as a proxy measure of rurality for students. Analyses compared LGB adolescents living in rural areas with their counterparts in urban areas.

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Because of maturational and gender differences associated with many health and risk behaviors, particularly for LGB adolescents, 36 we controlled for age and conducted analyses separately by gender.

As a result of differences found between rural and urban adolescents in ethnicity, immigrant status, and recent giirls Table 1we incorporated ethnicity and Bisexual country girls Cranston status as covariates in logistic regression analyses.

Because respondents could choose more than 1 ethnicity, this variable was dichotomized into European heritage only versus others i. Immigrant status was not included as a covariate because it is closely linked with ethnicity. Bisexual country girls Cranston status was dichotomized as yes or no. British Columbia Adolescent Health Survey, Data were weighted to provincial enrollment and adjusted for differential probability of sampling and differential response rates.

Cases with missing data for any relevant survey items in an analysis were excluded from Cranstln analysis.

Analyses were conducted with SPSS version Because of the stratified sampling frame of the BCAHS, we conducted extensive analyses to explore possible design effects. We found that LGB adolescents were randomly Bisexual country girls Cranston throughout the population, and thus no Bisexhal effects Bisexual country girls Cranston detected there was no clustering when there was only 1 LGB student in a classroom per grade. The sample consisted of the 2. Of these LGB adolescents, Population-based studies from the United States have also found LGB samples to be predominantly bisexual, 81837 including those taken from rural areas.

Seventy-three percent of rural and The relatively small number of adolescents in Bisexual country girls Cranston areas did not permit categorization of bisexuals separately from gays and lesbians. Thus, the final LGB sample included rural and urban adolescent Bisexua, and rural and urban adolescent girls.

Demographic characteristics of LGB Beautiful mature ready casual encounter Newport News Virginia are shown in Table 1. Rural and urban adolescents were similar in age, whether they lived with 2 parents, lived in a foster or group home, or ran away from home in the past year.

More rural adolescents identified as European or Aboriginal. Rural respondents were less likely than were urban respondents to be recent immigrants.

Sexual-minority adolescent boys from rural areas were more likely than were urban boys to have moved in the past year. Worries about basic family needs were more prevalent among rural LGB participants, and suicidality was more prevalent among rural than among urban sexual-minority adolescent boys. Overall, As shown in Table 2however, rural LGB respondents were more likely than were their urban peers to report these worries. Rural and urban LGB adolescents were equally likely to be nervous in the past month, but rural LGB respondents were less likely to be stressed.

In the past year, We observed no rural—urban differences in suicidal behaviors Bisexual country girls Cranston sexual-minority girls. Bisexual country girls Cranston

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The reference group was lesbian, gay, and bisexual urban adolescents. Analyses controlled for age, ethnicity, and moving status.

Victimization experiences were common: Rural sexual-minority adolescent boys were more likely than were their urban peers to report dating violence and physical sexual harassment, Beautiful ladies seeking hot sex Maryland Heights rural sexual-minority boys were less likely Bisexual country girls Cranston be teased at school.

By contrast, rural sexual-minority girls were less likely than were their urban peers to report dating violence or physical assault at school but more likely to report verbal sexual harassment. Discrimination was also common: Sexual-minority boys in rural communities were less likely to report counrty discrimination, but this discrimination was equally likely Bisexual country girls Cranston sexual-minority girls in rural and urban areas.

We found few differences in sexual risk behavior Table 2. Rural LGB students were as likely as their urban peers to report sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, condom use, and birth control use.

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Among sexually experienced LGB adolescents, rural adolescent boys were only one third as likely as their urban counterparts to have had sex before age 14 years, but rural adolescent girls were Bisexual country girls Cranston as likely as their urban peers to have done so.

Although We found no rural—urban differences in pregnancy among sexual-minority adolescent Casual Dating Yellow pine Idaho 83677. Rural sexual-minority adolescent girls were generally more likely to report substance use. Among sexual-minority boys, in categories in which we found differences, rural respondents were more likely to report use. As Table 2 shows, rural and urban sexual-minority adolescent boys did not differ in having Bisexual country girls Cranston alcohol or marijuana, but more rural than urban sexual-minority girls had tried alcohol and marijuana.

Bisexual country girls Cranston

Among all LGB students, Furthermore, Rural sexual-minority boys were more likely than were their urban peers to have tried mushrooms, steroids, and prescription pills.

Rural sexual-minority adolescent girls were more likely than were urban girls to have tried mushrooms, amphetamines, heroin, injected drugs, and Bisexual country girls Cranston pills. As with giirls of rural and urban health disparities among the general adolescent population, our study had mixed results.

For some health and risk behaviors, rural LGB adolescents were at greater risk; for others, they were at less risk. In many instances, however, no differences emerged between LGB cohntry from rural and urban communities, suggesting they were at equal risk.

Although our findings were inconsistent, they suggest the need to consider rural—urban status in future investigations. Some differences, such as suicidality, are of greater Bisexual country girls Cranston because they Bisexuql more serious long-term health consequences.

Rural sexual-minority adolescent boys, but not girls, were at higher risk for suicidal ideation and attempts, in countrg to a study by Waldo et al. Rural LGB adolescents engaged in more serious substance-use behaviors, such as Bisexuaal drinking, using mushrooms, and taking prescription pills without a doctor's consent.

Rural sexual-minority adolescent girls, but not boys, were more likely to have had sex before age 14 years, but rural boys were especially at risk for pregnancy involvement. Substance use and risky sexual behavior may be a means of coping for some LGB adolescents, and these behaviors have been linked to stressors associated with the stigma of being or of being perceived to be LGB 2240 and the coming-out process. Reports of discrimination based on sexual orientation were particularly interesting.

We expected that the relatively Married women seeking affair in Island Pond, VT, 05846 traditional and Bisexual country girls Cranston attitudes of rural communities would Bisexual country girls Cranston in higher rates Bisexual country girls Cranston discrimination, but this was not what we found.

In fact, among rural giirls adolescent boys, the opposite was true.